Fuddling around with Apache, PHP and User rights with „access denied for /var/www or home/public_html directory“ is a real f*** off. Especially when your are used to Ruby and Rails where you can just fire up a webserver in any directory.

PHP 5.4 to the rescue

Me and my ruby pal’s where laughing, when we heard PHP is getting its own build in server .. I stopped laughing today after an hour googling on how to set up those damn Apache2 WebServer /var/www folder permissions, config files(site-available) and sym-linking directories.
I just want to run any PHP script in any folder (e.g. examples from our SalesKing PHP SDK).

Update your local PHP installation

Luckily there is an Ubuntu apt repo for that:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php5
sudo apt-get install php5
Now you can simply start the server, here in the examples directory of the PHP SDK:
cd salesking_php_sdk/docs/examples
php -S localhost:8000
Open your browser on http://localhost:8000/oauth.php.

Fight your SaaS Invoice Problems

Don’t know us? SalesKing eases handling of documents(invoices, orders,..), clients and PDF creation for your website or webservice.
To run the example above, register a SalesKing app (get key+secret, app URL http://localhost:8000/oauth.php ) and add the oAuth2 credentials into oauth.php.
We are providing free developer accounts on our dedicated Developer Server at:
Please, feel free to run your test-suite against this instance!