Space is sparse on a website and too many elements quickly confuse the visitor. With slide-in-tabs you can elegantly hide/show information and save space without loosing a users attention. This is achieved by attaching tabs onto the browsers edges, which when clicked slide into the view.

KingSlideTabs is a jQuery plugin. It relies on a simple html markup, little css and a bunch of options provide room for customization.

A tab can contain any html, and its up to you to format the whole mess. (I admit, i did not spend too much time on the demo css). To give you some more ideas, just think of:

  • Help/FAQ/Feedback
  • Navigation / Maps
  • Game controls / Chats
  • .. i bet you’ll find more

For a full demo checkout our github page from which the following screens where taken.

SlideTabs Demo Screenshot

Tabs hidden

Slide tabs demo screenshot

Two tabs open