Ever had the problem to backup or dump a bunch of Subversion repositories? Here you have got a small ruby snippet which can be executed on your server.

Save this code in a ruby file e.g. backup.rb and make the changes on top of the script: adopt your subversion path, backup path and of course add you repository names(folder names).
[cc lang=“ruby“]
require ‚fileutils‘
require ‚date‘

# set your repositories names here devided by space
svns = %w(my-repo-name1 my-repo-name2)

# Set your subversion repos base dir
svn_base = ‚/var/svn‘
# set your backfolder here
backup_base = ‚/var/backups‘

# remove existing backup dir
backup_dir = File.join(backup_base, ’svn‘)

# prefix each file with the current datetime
file_prefix = DateTime.now.strftime(‚%y%m%d%H%M‘)

svns.each do |svn|
# dump each svn repo to the given backup dir
svn_dir = File.join(svn_base, svn)
backup_file = File.join(backup_dir, „#{file_prefix}_#{svn}.dump“)
# provide some status output
puts „Starting dump of #{svn} to #{backup_file}“
# go for it
%x[svnadmin dump #{svn_dir}/ > #{backup_file} –quiet]
puts „Finished dumping #{svn}“

# tar everything into one big backup file
tar_file = File.join(backup_base,“#{file_prefix}_svns.tar.gz“)
puts „Compressing all dumps to # {tar_file}“
%x[tar cfz #{tar_file} #{backup_dir}]
puts „Thats it you can now move your backup to a save place“

Now run it with your ruby interpreter:
~$ ruby backup.rb