It’s been a year since we started to use our API in client projects. During that time we hacked a lot(instead of writing docs), but most important realized we made the right choices using REST, JSON and JSON-Schema. So finally we are proud to announce Version 1.0 of our API.

The biggest changes are:

  • New resources, now covering almost all objects: estimates, orders, payments, recurring, reminder, comments, emails+templates, exports+templates
  • public available object descriptions (json-schema)

Bumping the version to the first main number(1), also means we feel it is stable enough for your daily work. But, as always in Software development, there will be enhancements and bugs must be killed. For transparency, we decided to publish our object descriptions in form of JSON Schema’s on github, giving everybody the chance to keep an eye on the moving target.

Our schema’s also serve as documentation, since they describe each object’s properties, its methods and relations. With more and more people requesting API access, the biggest draw back so far, had been sparse documents. So we setup an API Documentation site a getting started tutorial and a billing workflow tutorial, with more to come.