It’s been a couple of weeks since i quickly hacked a first version of an API browser and presented it at the RubyUserGroup Cologne. It is now available online (at heroku) and gives a nice overview of a JSON-Schema for a(our) RESTful webservice.

In case you are still puzzled about JSON Schema see documentation here.

But WHY should you use JSONSchema to decribe your data and webservice?


  • ever struggled to keep your API descriptions up to date?
  • hate WSDL and need something simple?
  • give API-clients an easy start to handle your API objects
  • ever thought about API versioning?
JSON Schema Browser Screenshot

JSON Schema Browser showing SalesKing’s API

By now it only shows our SalesKing API(Schema’s) but it is generally not restricted to it. The brower app itself is hosted on github, feel free to fork as improvements are needed. The main part is a javascript-based converter which generates HTML markup from a JSON-Schema. The click/show/hide events are handled by jQuery.

Here again the links