13. July 2012 / by Georg Leciejewski

Painless API & Web Service Documentation

API and Web service Documentation the manual way really sucks. With every tiny change you need to remember to update your documentation (site) and its almost definite that you forget something.
Plain said .. Your docs are always outdated! But that is by far the only documentation pain.

11. July 2012 / by Georg Leciejewski

JSON Schema the new black for solid Webservice & API building

Every webservice should have an API nowadays. That’s easier said than done, as designing an API is by far a trivial task. This article introduces JSON Schema, as a base for building webservices. I have been struggling with API’s for about 10 years. The following list show points to consider in API building. By using JSON-Schema, I finally found a descend answer to most of these:

4. July 2012 / by Georg Leciejewski

Developer News June 2012

Summer in Germany has been rainy so far, giving us time to hack.

Read on for API Updates, Order object improvements and our New HOT JSON Schema Builder 

9. June 2012 / by Georg Leciejewski

Toggle-Show Password on Login with jQuery and Bootstrap

Show plain Password ButtonEver wanted to have a switch on your login page, so users can see their password in Plain-Text? Just take our tiny ‘show_password’ Javascript, to toggle your password fields to plain-text.

28. May 2012 / by Georg Leciejewski

Run PHP Webserver in any directory on Ubuntu

Fuddling around with Apache, PHP and User rights with “access denied for /var/www or home/public_html directory” is a real f*** off. Especially when your are used to Ruby and Rails where you can just fire up a webserver in any directory.

28. May 2012 / by Georg Leciejewski

How to run PHPunit test’s on Ubuntu

The release of our SalesKing PHP SDK, threw up the question of how to run the included PHPUnit test’s. I’am using Ubuntu 12 / Precise Pangolin, and assume you already have PHP installed. This tutorial covers of how to install the software base and how to run the tests from the command line(bash).

22. May 2012 / by Georg Leciejewski

Developer News May 2012

We are about to make a big change under the hood, by moving from Rails 2 to Rails 3. This change should not affect any clients, but as you know, software can be a bitch.

To ensure your’s and our software quality, we are providing free developer accounts on our staging environment.

8. April 2011 / by stefan

It’s Railscamp time! SalesKing ist wieder unterwegs …

Wir feuen uns dabei zu sein!

SalesKing ist neben Railslove, applicake und Jarorcon Sponsor des ersten railscampPolska!

Das Railscamp startet am Freitag, den 08.04.2011 in Wisła.

Wir freuen uns gleichgesinnte Ruby-Hacker zu treffen, zu coden und zu feiern – kurz:  auf ein wunderbares Wochenende!

Information über das Event findet Ihr auf folgenden Seiten:


http://railscamp.pl/ powered by mixxt.

Es ist nie zu spät! Koffer packen und los geht es in ein spannendes Wochenende…

18. March 2011 / by stefan

HTTP Basic AUTH with .NET

.NET WebRequest class does not base64 encode the Authorization header when using HTTP basic Auth. This leads to failing authentication, if your credentials contain special characters like an email address(as username) does.

So in case you are lost you might try this code: