29. June 2010 / by stefan

Environment protection with online-invoices

With the help of a online-invoicingsoftware you are not only able to save costs, you can also protect the environment actively. Several businesses creating daily a bunch of traditional paper-invoices which are then send via snail-mail.

21. June 2010 / by stefan

Improvement of the SalesKing list-views

As most of our users already know we aim to constantly improve the usability of SalesKing in order to raise the ability to optimize the workflows for managing documents (invoices, estimates, payment-reminders, credit-notes, orders) and organising clients, products and payments. So did we few days ago, while rolling out the last update of SalesKing invoicing software.

21. June 2010 / by stefan

SalesKing – includes routing to your clients

Today we start to fill a new Category within our blog.

In the Category “Workflow” we will introduce features which make your SalesKing able to be what it is, a quite complete internet-based Solution to organise all processes about CRM, documentmanagement and projectmanagement for agencys, freelancers, entrepreneurs as for small and mid-level companys.

Lets start today with a nice enhancement of our client-detail-view. You will get there, while clicking on a client within your clientlist. The client-detail-view shows you everything that is related with your client within SalesKing.

21. June 2010 / by stefan


Now SalesKing-clients will be honored for their successfull made recommendations.

18. February 2010 / by Georg Leciejewski

PDF Templates – Estimates without total

Whether estimate, shippingnote or order confirmation, there are few situations where it is requested not to show the total in a generated PDF. For this cause you have now a little check-box with a big effect.

Checkbox in template settings to hide total and carrry-over

While hiding the total also the subtotal and the carry-over to next page of your document are hidden if you choose this option in your template settings. Existing pdf templates do, of course, show the total as usual, for cases where you do not want to hide the total, for example on your invoice-pdf-templates.

15. February 2010 / by Georg Leciejewski

DTAUS Export for invoices and credit notes

The annoying typewriting of transfer informations of invoices or credit notes has an end. Now you are able to create a DTAUS-Export for both document-types to import in your banking-software.

New Export DTAUS


The DTAUS-Format is only available for German Banks and Accounts. Further only Dokuments are exported which do contain the complete Bank-Data of your Client. And it is necessary that your company account is filled with correct informations. Check also the intern FAQ-Area.